Pressed Daily

Pressed Daily

The Juice is a curriculum companion that helps students improve their reading comprehension, vocabulary, quantitative reasoning, and critical thinking by incorporating standards-based assessments into topical stories about current events.

  • 4 Reading Levels
  • Standards Quizzing
  • Vocabulary Builders
  • Learning Insights
  • LMS Integration

Each story, quiz question, and vocabulary word is created at four different reading levels to facilitate differentiated learning, providing students with the same access to information regardless of their reading level.

Stories, quiz questions, and vocabulary are carefully selected to enhance learning in the key standards all educators care about. Standards-based questions are increasingly more difficult at the higher reading levels.

10+ Tier 2 & 3 words and in-context definitions are intertwined into each day’s edition. Word of the Day stories explicitly teach new vocabulary every day.

Teachers observe and monitor student performance, generate reports, and document student improvement.

Swiftly assign articles to your class with Google Classroom; further integrations with Google Classroom, Canvas, Blackboard, Schoology, and Moodle are coming soon.

  • Quantitative Reasoning

    Interpreting and understanding trends presented in graphs.

  • Unbiased Stories

    Stories are critiqued by several editors each day to insure balance and fairness.

  • STEAM Concepts

    New educational video are produced every day. Teachers love using these as bell ringers.

  • Searchable

    All content is retrievable based on category, keyword, time frame, and other criteria.

  • Secure

    Students and teachers receive their own password-protected portal.

  • Inspiring

    The world is full of inspiring stories, and every day we make sure to include at least one in The Juice.

  • Customizable

    Teachers can customize one page within The Juice to fit their unique needs.

  • Device Compatible

    Anyone with an internet connection can access The Juice, and, when they do, they’ll get a unique version built for them.

Endorsed by Teachers, Parents, Students, and the Press

I think your articles are such a good mix of different things that really excite different kids. The headlines draw my kids and I see my them getting excited about reading. That is very difficult to do in those teenage years. I love that with The Juice.

Adina Goldstein

7th Grade ELA & Social Studies Teacher

I love that you guys do vocabulary every day. And that it works with some of our basic language standards like identifying a word in context. I love the way The Juice provides a word and the kids have to use it in context. I like the way The Juice encourages my kids to think logically. We also apply the lessons from The Juice to questions about social emotional learning. So we also discuss the impact on people's lives from the situation described in The Juice stories.

John Cleland

High School ELA Teacher

This can supplement and support any social studies or history program by focusing on real-time news stories. Connect news with historical events, learn about government processes, and encourage critical thinking and informed opinions and decision making.

The Homeschool Resource Room

The Juice is packed with great information to start our daily lessons. The articles are the perfect to help my students learn about current events - and at the reading level they need. The variety and extras generate real-life questions that extend learning beyond the classroom. It’s a great way to start our day!

Stacy Gibbs

High School Special Ed Reading

I love, love, love The Juice. My students really like it. As a teacher, you present really good information. I love how you break down the grades levels. My students love the life hack, the bright side and the Extra Juice stuff.

Wendy Evans

Age 12-18 Teacher at Outschool

We will definitely continue using The Juice for homeschooling to cover current events learning and critical thinking discussion. It has been an easy addition to our daily studies without adding any extra homeschool parent prep work from me. And, for the price, it’s a great online homeschooling program!

Jacqueline Wilson

Expert Professional Educational Consultant

Teach critical thinking through current events.

In 10-20 minutes, students read news stories, interact with informational text, practice digital media literacy skills, and answer standards-based questions as they sharpen their critical thinking skills and become smarter about our world.